Fiber optic attenuator under what circumstances will be applied to commonly?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-23

optical attenuator is a kind of very important fiber optical passive devices, with the continuous development of optical communication industry. Optical attenuator can drop light signal, is used to input optical power attenuation, prevent because the input power of super optical receiver distortion.

optical attenuator are used under what conditions?

with the development of optical communication industry and to increase the degree of the production process, fiber optic cable, connectors, fiber optic equipment such as the loss of falling from time to time, less than the attenuation of design, it may cause optical receiver receives the light power is larger, more than the bear ability, the status of the present saturation distortion. Therefore, in order to reduce optical receiver to receive signals, the need to use optical attenuator, optical power control in a certain range.

please see below communication optical attenuator:

SC/APC mechanical optical attenuator

SC - SC single league adjustable optical attenuator

LP/PC type fiber optic attenuator, Yin and Yang

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