The role of the ODF optical fiber distribution frame

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-17

fiber distribution frame is an important equipment in optical transmission system, used in optical fiber communication system backbone fiber optic cable into the client and allocation midgame end, introduce the effect of optical fiber distribution frame below small make up.

the role of the optical fiber distribution frame

the function of optical fiber distribution frame is used for fiber optic cable terminal welding, optical connector installation, light path adjustment, receive, store and extra tail fiber optical cable protection, etc. , can easily achieve optical fiber cable connections, allocation and scheduling.

fiber distribution frame for optical fiber communication network safe operation and the importance of flexible use. The role of the specific optical fiber distribution frame is as follows:

1) fixed function after the cable into the frame, the outer sheath to mechanical fixed, and strengthen the core with ground protection components, end protection processing, and for grouping fiber and protection.

(2) the welding function, lead to optical fiber cable with stern line after welding, will be redundant optical fiber coiling, storage and protection of fusion splicing.

3. Allocate function plug the connector of stern line on the joint to the adapter, with the adapter on the other side of the optical connector for the connection of the light path. Adapter with flexible connectors should be able to insert and pull; Allocate and testing optical path can be free.

(4) storage capabilities for optical cable rack various cross connection between storage, allowing them to rule neatly placed. Distribution frame in the proper way of space and make the spectral line walk the line is clear, easy to adjust, and can satisfy the requirement of minimum bending radius.

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