How to choose an appropriate optical fiber network card?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-04

you can from the following five aspects of inspiration, so as to make a wise choice.

1。 Bus type

confirm the choice of optical fiber network adapter is compatible with the existing network equipment. Usually, the server to use PCIe or PCI bus fiber optic network card. But for the computer, select PCI, PCI X bus fiber network adapter.

2。 Data transfer rate

for the server, because the server applications require high bandwidth to manage large data flow, so the server should choose 10 g or 25 g optical fiber network to realize the high speed Internet connection. For computer, select 100 MBPS or 1000 MBPS optical fiber network card.

3。 Port number

general under normal use, choose one port of the fiber optic network card, but considering the safety and reliability of the network, multiple ports of optical fiber network card is the best choice of the server, because multiple ports optical fiber network to provide redundancy, effectively avoid paralysis caused by the fault of the network.

4。 Connector type

the use of fiber optic adapter is mainly the use of cable to the computer or server to connect to the Internet, so the optical fiber network card to clear before the choose and buy computer or server support what connector type ( Cable) , such as twisted pair of RJ45 interface, LC/SC interface of fiber optic jumper, even the SFP + or QSFP + DAC high-speed cable or AOC active optical cable, according to the practical support of connector type selection.

5。 Operating system

because each Server supported operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, etc. , as a result, the choose and buy the Server fiber card before need to make sure whether can support the Server operating system, such as rapid, FS) Optical fiber network card can support Windows 7/8/8 25 g server. 1/10,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6。 8/7. 3, Linux SLES 12 SP2, such as operating systems, but not in UEFI. 2. Three of the operating system.

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