Fiber optic jumper when using the matters needing attention

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-22

the end of the fiber optic jumper module to send and receive the wavelength of the light must be consistent, that is to say, the two ends of the optical fiber is necessary to be the same wavelengths of light module, easy to approach is the difference between a light module shall be the same color. Ordinary conditions, short wave optical module using multimode fiber ( Orange fiber) Using single mode fiber, long wave module ( Yellow fiber) To ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

fiber in use do not excessive circuitous and around the ring, it will add light attenuation in the transmission process.

fiber optic jumper after use must maintain in the maintenance of optical fiber connectors, dust and oil pollution damage the optical fiber coupling.

if the optical fiber connector is stained, can dip in with cotton swabs alcohol clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication.

1。 Use before it is necessary to insert fiber optic jumper ceramic core and core end face with alcohol and absorbent cotton to wipe clean.

2。 Using time minimum circuitous quite a radius of 150 mm.

3。 Maintenance plug core and core end face, avoid bruising, pollution, disassembled, bring the dust cap in a timely manner.

4。 When the laser signals do not look straight into the fiber end face.

5。 When there is a man-made and other irresistible factors damage should be timely exchange of damaged fiber optic jumper.

6。 Before installation should read illustrate a book, and under the guidance of the manufacturer or distributor engineer to stop the installation and debugging.

7。 Optical fiber network or system appear abnormal situation, can use examines shortcomings sweep method. Inspection or eliminate jump line faults can do first inspection, usually visible laser pen can be used for polishing the entire fiber optic link. Or further use of precision fiber optic insertion loss return loss, testing its all purpose, purpose within the scope of the qualified, the jumper wire instructions to normal, the opposite is unqualified

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