Fiber optic cable and how to identify

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-16

cable is very common in our daily life, not to mention the weak current workers often need to deal with cable. Then you'll want to know how fiber quality appraisal, today small make up just to bring us cable quality appraisal method, hurriedly follow small make up to look at! Cortical

indoor optical cable generally USES poly vinyl record or flame retardant poly (vinyl, appearance should be smooth, shiny, flexibility, easy tear. Inferior cable sheath finish is very poor, easy and tight, aramid adhesion.

outdoor cable sheath should be high quality PE black polyethylene, skin flat after cabling, brightness, uniform thickness, no bubble. Inferior cable sheath generally use recycled material production, the cable skin coarse, due to the raw material contains many impurities, scan can find cable sheath wow, there are a lot of tiny pit laid after a period of time will craze, water seepage. Fiber

normal fiber production enterprises generally adopt metal grade A fiber core, some cheap inferior cable typically use C, D fiber and smuggling of unknown optical fiber, the fiber source is complicated, the factory for A long time, often feel has damp discoloration, and multimode optical fiber is often mixed with single mode fiber, and the lack of necessary testing equipment of general small plant, not to judge the quality of optical fiber. Due to the naked eye cannot identify such optical fiber, the construction of touch is often the question is: the bandwidth is very narrow, short transmission distance; Uneven thickness, cannot and tail fiber docking; Fiber lack of flexibility, a corner was broken.

enhance wire

formal manufacturers of outdoor cable wire is after phosphating, gray surface, after the steel wire rope without increasing hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. Poor general replace with fine wire or aluminium wire, cable identification method - easily - - - - - - With a white appearance, knead in hand can be arbitrarily curved. In this production of steel wire cable hydrogen loss is big, time grew, hang the two ends of the optical fiber box will rust. Steel armoured

formal production enterprises using double-sided brush anti-rust coating of longitudinal bandage grain steel belt, inferior cable USES is ordinary iron, usually only one antirust processing.

pine casing

install fiber optic cable pine casing PBT material should be used, the casing with high intensity, deformation, anti-aging. Inferior cable usually use PVC material production casing, the casing diameter is very thin, with the hand a pinch flat, and drink straws.

fiber cream

outdoor cable inside the fiber cream can prevent the oxidation of the fiber, feel for water vapour into the damp, inferior optical fiber used in the fiber paste rarely, seriously affect the service life of optical fiber.


and kevlar, chemical fiber is a kind of high strength, at present in most of the industrial, military helmets and bulletproof vest is the material production. The world's only dupont and the Netherlands akzo can produce, the price is about more than 30, one thousand tons. Indoor optical fiber cable and power overhead cable ( ADSS) Are made of aramid yarn reinforcement, because of aramid fiber cost is higher, inferior indoor optical cable generally do very fine, the diameter such a shift would save costs by reducing a few strands of aramid fiber, the fiber optic cable at the time of wear tube is easy to be pulled apart or cause drag mark. ADSS cable is according to the span, a second wind speed to determine the use of aramid fiber in the fiber number of shares, carefully check, confirmed prior to application.

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