Levels telecommunications fiber optic jumper wire and network difference between fiber optic jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-14

1。 Different attenuation

levels telecommunications fiber optic jumper than network failure to reduce fiber optic jumper, transmission distance is more stable, not easy to loss of data.

2。 Different number of grinding

grade telecom fiber optic jumper number of grinding is usually 5 times, and the number of network level fiber optic jumper is 4 times.

3。 Different price

telecom fiber optic jumper wire price level generally higher than network level of fiber optic jumper.

telecommunication level the use of fiber optic jumper wire note

1. Do not excessive bending and circle, avoid excessive light during transmission attenuation.

2。 Fiber optic jumper wire ends must connect the same wavelengths of light module.

3。 After using the fiber optic jumper, must use cases will be wrapped fiber optic connectors, avoid dust, oil pollution damage optical fiber coupling.

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