How to use optical case?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-14

fiber prepared

1. Remove the cable sheath, If so, please remove the shield and armor) Then remove all around the package layer to reveal the pine casing, specific methods, please according to the standard methods of the optical fiber cable manufacturer recommended steps, preparation of 3 m length.

2, use detergent to clean the pine casing and strengthen core sheathed, remove excess filler sleeve, provided with sandpaper, fiber optic cable sheath 150 mm long.

cable installation

1, select the minimum diameter of the sealing ring, according to the cable diameter and the two sealing ring set on the cable.

2. The cable into the corresponding into the hole.

3, shielding and grounding connection.

4, in between the two sealing ring winding on the adhesive sealing tape, make the seal belt round to flush with the sealing ring diameter, to form a fiber optic cable sealing side.

5, the sealing side of the cable in the cable into the hole.

6, with throat hoop through the optical fiber reinforced the fixed seat and bracket, cable core cable fixed in connection with this seat, tighten hose hoops screws, until throat hoop tightening.

7, wear nylon cable tie on cables, cut more than long.

8, the rest of the unused cable hole, please use plug seal. Plug on the same winding on the sealing tape, and 5. 2. 4 the same.

9, will strengthen the component winding on the melt flange bearing countersunk head screws, and pressure.

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