How to choose the single mode optical fiber cable and multimode optical fiber cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-03

in the integrated wiring project, why choose cable used?

single mode fiber or multimode fiber passband is very wide, can be up to 30 t theory. WuZhongJi support length can reach several dozens to hundreds of kilometers, copper wire only a few hundred meters. From the influence of electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation. Light weight, small volume. Optical fiber communication is not charged, the use of safe and can be used for flammable easy to violence and so on. Use the wide temperature range.

single mode fiber, multimode fiber characteristics:

when the geometric size of the fiber ( Mainly fiber core diameter d1) Is far greater than the wavelength, About 1 microns) , optical fiber will exist in dozens or even hundreds of kinds of communication mode. Multimode fiber is only applicable to small capacity of optical fiber communication since mode dispersion will narrow the multimode optical fiber bandwidth, lower its transmission capacity. Multimode fiber refractive index distribution are mostly for the parabolic distribution gradient refractive index distribution. The fiber core diameter at about 50 microns.

single-mode fiber has a very wide bandwidth, especially suitable for large capacity optical fiber communication. To realize single-mode transmission, therefore, must make the fiber parameters satisfy certain conditions, calculated by formula, for NA = 0. 12 of the optical fiber to lambda = 1. More than 3 microns single-mode transmission, optical fiber core radius should be 4 or less. 2 microns, that is, the fiber core diameter d1 8 or less. 4μm。 Single-mode fiber in the fiber core diameter is very small, so the manufacturing process more stringent requirements are put forward. When the geometric size of the fiber ( Mainly core diameter) Light waves can live with close, such as core diameter d1 in the range of 5 ~ 10 microns, optical fiber allows only one model ( Fundamental mode HE11) In it, all the rest of the high order mode cutoff, such fiber is called single-mode optical fiber.

single mode fiber or multimode fiber applicable depends on: the environment factors of

A, outdoor cable generally long choose single mode optical fiber cable. Outdoor fiber optic cable directly buried, appropriate chooses loose tube armored cable. Overhead, with two or more optional root reinforcement of black PE outer sheath of loose tube fiber optic cable.

B, building transmission distance is short, transmission bandwidth is not high under the condition of multimode optical fiber cable. Buildings with cable in use should be chosen when tight set of cables and pay attention to the characteristics of the flame retardant and smoke poison and. General in the pipeline or forced ventilated place can choose the type of flame retardant but there is smoke, Plenum) Or the type of flammable nontoxic ( LSZH) , exposed environment should choose non-toxic, flame retardant and smoke-free type ( 立管) 。

C, backbone can choose to use single mode or multimode fiber optic cable, main transmission distance. The vertical or horizontal cable inside the building, with gm's tight the building optional set of branch cable, wiring cable or optical cable.

D, according to the network application and single-mode and multimode optical cable, optical cable application preferences usually indoor and short distance applications is given priority to with multimode fiber optic cable, outdoor and long-distance applications is given priority to with single mode optical fiber cable.

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