How much do you know about the principle of optical divider?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-30

like coaxial cable transmission system, network system also needs to be light signal coupling, branches, distribution and the optical divider is needed for implementation. Optical divider is also called a spectrometer, is one of the most important passive components in optical fiber link, is to have multiple input and multiple output end of fiber tandem devices, M * N is commonly used to indicate a divider with M input and N output. In optical fiber CATV system used in the optical divider is usually 1 x 2, 1 x 3 and 1 * N optical divider composed of them. 。

1。 Spectroscopic principle of optical divider

light way according to the principle can be divided into molten pull cone type and plane waveguide type two kinds, melting cone type products is two or more optical fibers to side welding; Planar waveguide is micro-optics element type product, USES the lithography technology, in the media or optical waveguide is formed on the semiconductor substrate, achieve branch distribution function. The two types of spectral similar principle, they by changing the die field mutual coupling between optical fiber ( Coupling, coupling length) And change the optical fiber radius to achieve different sizes branch, on the other hand can also be multiplexed optical signal into a signal is called a synthesizer. Fused taper fiber coupler for producing method is simple, cheap and easy to connect to external optical fiber as a whole, and can bear the first mechanical vibration and temperature change, has become the mainstream in the market for manufacturing technology at present.

melting cone method is to two root ( Two or more Removal of coating layer fiber KaoRao in a certain way, under the high temperature heating molten, at the same time on both sides of the stretching, finally formed in the heating area special waveguide structure of double pyramidal form, by controlling the torsional Angle and stretching the length of the fiber, the different spectral ratio can be obtained. Finally the taper zone with curing adhesive curing on quartz substrate in stainless tubes, this is optical divider. The production technology for thermal expansion coefficient of the uv-curable adhesive isn't consistent with quartz substrate, stainless steel tube, when the temperature changes in the environment of heat bilges cold shrink degree is inconsistent, the situation is easy to cause damage of optical divider, especially the branch in the field of light, it is the most main reason for optical branching easily damaged. For more because of way of production can be used more two way.

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