High some cable deployment scheme

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-18

the figure below describes three different some cable deployment scenarios:

the & # 8226; Always some conclusions: 4440 core, use MTP - 370 x 12 core MTP trunk

the & # 8226; Always some conclusions: 13680 core, use MTP - 95 x 144 core MTP trunk

the & # 8226; Always some conclusions: 16128 core, use MTP - 56 x 288 core MTP trunk

deployment plan

in order to meet the high demand of some cable connections, we can use a variety of solutions to deal with. Depending on the application space and the deployment condition concerns. For example, the connection between the data center park building, can be used indoor/outdoor optical cable, or outdoor optical cable. If within the data center, and indoor early termination cable deployment scheme is adopted.

  MTP® Advance termination high solution is to solve some cable deployment of one of the key components, is also the ratio of the optimal solution. And it can realize the future smooth migration to 40/100/200/400 gbe transmission system. In addition, the installation of MTP fiber termination the trunk, the terminal can be a single MTP port, or use the MTP - LC module interface into multiple LC port to use. MTP advance termination deployment can satisfy different wiring structure of backbone fiber optic cable, wiring environment and requirements of the path:

1) On both ends of the cable with early termination of MTP connector

2) Cable end with MTP connector termination, the other end without connector, can weld when actual use MTP connector

3) Bundle without connectors on both ends of the cable, can weld at both ends when actual use MTP connector

MTP & # 174; - - - - - - MTP trunk cable

is shown in figure 6, this is a typical data center indoor deployment scenarios. The MDA, for example, the connection between the HDA or EDA.

of course, due to the data center various scenarios and requirements of fiber optic cabling and deployment scheme has been diversified. , analyzing the specific problems also need to consult communication if there is demand of sales staff members.

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