Fiber optic adapter foundation is introduced

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-17

optical fiber connector is most use in optical fiber communication system of optical passive components, most of the optical fiber connector is composed of three parts: two optical fiber connector and a coupler. The two end of a fiber optic connector into two optical fibers; Aimed at the effect of casing coupler. In addition, the coupler is equipped with a metal or nonmetal flange, so that the installation of the connector is fixed.

product concept:

on both ends of the fiber optic adapter can be inserted into the different interface type optical fiber connector, FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000, such as the conversion between different interface, are widely used in optical fiber distribution frame ( ODF) , optical fiber communication equipment, instruments, such as superior performance, stable and reliable. Some will fiber optic adapter on market also called optical fiber connectors, this is, in fact, two kinds of different products.

main features:

between optical fiber is linked by adapter through its internal openings casing, to ensure the highest connection between optical fiber connector performance. For fixed on various panels, also designed a variety of fine mounting flange. Transformation type adapter can connect different interface type on both ends of the optical fiber connector, and provides a connection between APC end face. Double or more adapter can improve the density of installation, save a space.

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