The prospect of the fiber optic cable is analyzed

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-26

Internet, broadband, rural construction in the development of worldwide global demand for fiber optic cable is still maintain a certain growth rate, especially is affected by the drive China's overall demand is rising, the future global cable outlook remains positive. According to the current situation and future of the development of the optical fiber cable in major national industry policy, in the next five years, fiber optic cable supply and demand will maintain steady growth, by 2023, the global distribution of fiber optic cable will reach 12. 4. 6 billion kilometers of fiber demand will reach 11. 3 billion kilometers of fiber.

sustained growth of optical fiber cable industry in China is inevitable, but the current domestic low attenuation of optical fiber core rod high purity silicon and germanium material also basic dependence on imports, RIC technology of preparation of optical fiber preform in some enterprises, such as prosper and yofc, its outer casing material is imported. Considering the low attenuation need to use a large number of fluorine doped materials, optical fiber preform and fluorine doped material is conventional pure silica materials of three to four times higher price, so the late related raw materials localization will be low attenuation of optical fiber projects large-scale production and reduce the manufacturing cost of the biggest challenges. In addition to the preparation of optical fiber preform materials, optical fiber coating material localization is also restricted ultra-low decay series fiber, especially low attenuation large effective area fiber products to further improve the performance of the key factors. High performance fiber coatings manufacturing basically monopolized by foreign companies, so the development of high performance low modulus of bending is not sensitive coating is to further improve the performance of domestic low attenuation fiber bottlenecks.

in the international market, foreign fiber optic cable giant has completed the global layout, Chinese enterprises face many difficulties in expanding the overseas market and barriers, due to lack of technical advantages, Chinese enterprises in overseas markets rely mainly on price competition, and serious product homogeneity, the major domestic manufacturers are doing basically the same products and technologies, so that in the domestic market and foreign market competition, industrial environment needs to be improved.

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