Fiber optic cabling is the key to the data center in the future

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-26

5 g going into our lives, artificial intelligence, Internet, high-resolution video and games are to the best of our knowledge of industry bring revolutionary change, the pressure of development and build a data center operators admittedly keep pace with the increase of these new technologies bring connectivity and bandwidth requirements.

the people's demand for data

the fourth time the arrival of the industrial revolution, machine to machine learning, and software as a service is to increase storage data center operators have to react to and the other examples of the new technology, because the traffic is growing at an unprecedented global cloud data center. Data center was forced to adapt to the changing environment, data center operators in an investment of technology is very important.

high-speed network in the future worth looking forward to the prospect of

although the 400 g is a very small market at present, no widely deployed 400 g link in the industry, but in the next few years the adoption of the technology will increase. In order to ensure that the data center, super fast, high performance and can quickly adapt to, 400 g is the key to the future. Very large scale cloud data center will become the driving force of 400 g development, this trend is expected to increase in 2020 and beyond.

fiber optic cabling for the necessity of data center

with the rapid development of technology, computing and storage always need provided in ultra low delay. Any downtime data center for operators are very expensive, so it is necessary to establish fiber management solutions, make daily operations as well as possible.

5 g deployment is gradually formed, electric vehicles and the discussion of the unmanned vehicle has become the mainstream. Currently, it is estimated that very large scale cloud data center must upgrade once every two years, to keep up with their bandwidth and storage requirements. But the data center operators cannot afford every few years to overhaul the system, because it is very expensive and time-consuming.

select a can in a few seconds to install and remove the tray of the optical fiber management system is very important. In addition to the flexibility to installed in various position - Rely on a wall, as the end cover of the line, or continuous, back-to-back double density - effectively Data centers need to maintain the flexibility and can be used for anything at any time. By using the optical fiber management system and modularization according to pay infrastructure, data center can adapt constantly to reflect the demand.

data center of key significance for the future optical fiber cabling

the appropriate fiber management for data center operators is crucial, because they must every two years for an overhaul of its system. Choose dense side access fibers can be used as a cross connection management system can achieve high security environment. All connections are in a position, which means that the reasons of interaction with the active facilities equipment is less, thereby reducing the human subjective judgment.

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