Fiber optic jumper interface type diagram

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-20

fiber optic jumper wire connector is the user in the choose and buy when the fiber optic jumper need to consider a problem, understand the meaning of all kinds of fiber optic jumper wire connector can help users find the products they want faster.

( 1) FC type fiber optic jumper: external strengthening way is to use metal sleeve, fastening way as the turnbuckle. Generally adopted in ODF side ( The distribution frame use most)

( 2) SC type fiber optic jumper: connection module GBIC light connector, its shell is rectangular, fastening way is to use the plug pin bolt type, need not to rotate. ( The router switches use most)

( 3) ST type fiber optic jumper wire: often used in optical fiber distribution frame, shell assumes the circular, fastening way as the turnbuckle. ( For the base - 10 F connection, the connector is usually ST type. Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame)

( 4) LC type fiber optic jumper: connect the SFP module connector, it USES the convenient operation modular jack ( RJ) The latch mechanism. ( The router) is commonly used

( 5) MT - RJ type fiber optic jumper: send and receive one square optical fiber connector, a double fiber transceiver integrated

ST, SC connectors connectors are often used for general network. ST head insert a bayonet fixed rotation and a half weeks after, defect is easy to break; SC connector plug directly, very convenient use, defect is easy to fall out; FC head general telecom network connecting the, there is a nut to the adapter, advantage is strong, dust proof, defect is the installation time is a bit long. MTRJ fiber-optic jumper by two high precision plastic injection of connector and cable. External connector for precision plastic parts, include push-pull type plug card lock mechanism. Suitable for indoor application in telecommunications and data network system.

fiber modules: generally support hot plug, the optical fiber used GBIC interface for SC or ST type; SFP, i. e. , small packaging GBIC, the optical fiber used for LC.

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