How about production process for mtp mpo?
In fact, the production process for mtp mpo is changing all the time. At the primary stage, it cost much, covering the in-material, the production equipment, and the production technique. Now it is relatively simple, however with high technological content. This means that the in-material would be well selected by device, the production would be monitored closely in an automated way, and the finished products would be quality controlled strictly by many special meters.
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In terms of R&D and manufacturing capacity, Fiber Hope Optical Communication Tech Co.,Ltd. has been long known for excellent competence in producing mpo cable. multicore cable is the main product of Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable. It is diverse in variety. The design of Fiber Hope mpo patchcord is unique. It follows principles either structurally (shapes of objects/garments) and/or aesthetically (visually or appearance of objects/fabric). The transmission speed of this product is fast with clear and stable signal. This product provides space with the desired look and aesthetics. And it can retain its beauty over time while maintaining its maximum practicability. It has passed the tensile loading test with positive outcome.
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