Introduction to the beam optical fiber jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-26

bunchy definition of fiber optic jumper:

bunchy fiber jumper wire is made up of a mother MTP connector and at the other end of the duplex of optical fiber connector. Bunchy multi core optical fiber, optical fiber jumpers to each direction transmission fiber in an all-round way. As a kind of optical fiber connector, the most commonly used single beam optical fiber jumpers connector of 12 or 24 optical fibers, and support more than 100 GBPS data transmission. Therefore, it can completely satisfy the data center of the huge demand for higher bandwidth and higher density.

beam characteristics of fiber optic jumper:

1, low insertion loss, high return loss

2, wide applicable range, good environmental stability

3, waterproof and sealed well with

4, tensile and corrosion resistance, waterproof, rat bite

5, construction is convenient, high safety

bunchy fiber optic jumper scope of application:

bunchy fiber optic jumpers, they are widely used in optical fiber to the home FTTH access network, telecommunication network, local area network (LAN), and application of optical fiber CATV and many test equipment business is more, it to provide the manageability, flexibility and extensibility of method realized the management of data centers in the physical.

bunchy working principle of fiber optic jumper:

bunchy fiber optic jumper wire connector is removable (between optical fiber and optical fiber Activities) Connected devices, it is to put the fiber of two surface precision docking, in order to make the light emission optical output signal can maximize the coupling to the receiving optical fiber, optical link and reduce its intervention to minimize the effects on the system, it is the basic requirement of bunchy optical fiber connector. To a certain extent, beam optical fiber connector also affects the reliability and the performance of optical transmission system.

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