Communication cable can be applied on the earthquake

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-19

seismograph I believe many people know, earthquake monitoring refers to the before and after the earthquake, the earthquake precursor anomaly monitoring and measurement. Adss cable, professional and group point of seismic stations, mainly use water level meter, the seismograph, the electromagnetic wave measuring instrument such as monitoring instruments. Generally speaking, traditional seismic network may need hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost to operation and maintenance, but is vital for an earthquake-prone area. However, someone cut low cost earthquake monitoring communication optical fiber cable is used.

earth scientist Philip zhu Seth and his colleagues set up an experiment in Iceland: transform the fiber optic cable for a series of sensors, to record the natural seismic wave and seismic wave. Adss cable, these sensors by detecting subtle changes of seismic wave through the optical fiber cable length, to quantify the fiber optic cable is under stress. Research team found that fiber optic cable not only recorded the seismic signal, can also parsing the peripheral fault and other deep geological structure.

now laying around the world hundreds of thousands of meters on the communication cable, so the material is almost ready, so this way is considered cheap, high sensitivity. Although the optical fiber communication network may be used to monitor the earthquake disaster, but the team reminds, related technology remains to be further developed.

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