Wuhan's optical fiber

by:Fiber Hope     2020-03-28

Affected by the new type of coronary pneumonia epidemic, Wuhan, Hubei province, where the optical communication industry gathered, delayed the resumption of work. Wuhan and the whole Hubei have important positions in the domestic and even global optical fiber industry, and the impact of this epidemic on the industry cannot be underestimated. Data show that Wuhan's optical fiber preform production capacity accounts for more than 20% of China's optical fiber preform production capacity. Changfei and FiberHome in Hubei province are China's top five optical fiber manufacturers. Changfei's wholly-owned preform factory in Wuhan has an annual production capacity of 6400 core kilometers and is one of the largest preform factories in the world. At the same time, Changfei also established two joint ventures with Xinyue group in Qianjiang city, Hubei province, with a total production capacity of 6400 core kilometers. In addition, the joint venture between FiberHome and Fujikura is also located in Wuhan, with an estimated production capacity of 3300 core kilometers. Michael Finch, an analyst at CRU, a well-known market research institution, expects China's optical fiber preform production capacity to be 4.  5% in 2020. 600 million core kilometers, only Wuhan City (FiberHome's joint venture and Changfei's wholly-owned factory)The production capacity accounts for 21. 0%. The entire Hubei region accounts for 35 of China's domestic preform production capacity. 0%, equivalent to 20 of the world. 3%. In addition, it is estimated in CRU's latest telecom optical cable market outlook report that Wuhan's optical fiber and cable production accounts for 18.  5% of the domestic market. 5% and 9 of global production. 7%. If you include about 600 of Kaile Technology in Jingzhou city, Hubei province- The output of 700 kilometers will rise to one hundred. 9% and 11. 0%. Wuhan and even the whole Hubei are the key channels for the trade of numerous bulk commodities including optical fibers, involving both domestic transportation and export to the international market. Hubei's preform not only supplies domestic optical fiber and cable enterprises, but also provides preform products for other international enterprises. If the key factories in Hubei stop production, we may see that the export volume is limited, and the entire domestic optical fiber industry will also be affected. Michael Finch predicts that according to the average weekly output in 2019, even if the preform factory in Hubei is closed for only two weeks, it may reduce China's annual preform output by at least 1. 3%.                                

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