What's the difference between optical fiber and optical fiber jumper?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-08

fiber optic fiber and fiber optic jumper is commonly used in two kinds of fiber optic network network connection components. They have many common characteristics, at the same time, there are some differences in some respects. The understanding of the similarities and differences of both will help you make the best choice for your project application. Wei kang will through the structure and application two aspects to talk about the fiber optic jumper wire and fiber tail fiber similarities and differences. Structure of

fiber tail fiber, also called the pig tail line, is refers to the fiber optic cable only one end connected to the head, and the other end is a fiber optic cables bare fiber core of fiber, need to welding connected with other fiber optic cable fiber core. Fiber optic jumper, refers to the ends of a short optical fiber cable with connector. In the ends of the fiber optic cable connector type can be the same, also can be different.

thing in common: they all have optional single-mode and multimode optical fiber type, and they can be made into simplex and duplex connector type. In addition, the fiber optic jumper wire or fiber tail fiber can be connected with a variety of optical fiber connector, includes FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, SMA, E2000, etc.

the main difference is: fiber optic jumper is a fixed length of optical fiber cable with connector on both ends, only on both ends of the optical fiber tail fiber is optical fiber cable with connector at one end. In addition, a complete fiber optic jumper wire can be cut into two root length shorter fiber optic fiber. Application

fiber optic fiber and fiber optic jumper in access devices provide interconnection network connection and the application of crossover interconnection, generally in the telecommunications room and data center application is very broad. They have OM4, OM3 OM2, optional OM1 and OS1 / OS2 optical fiber type, can satisfy the gigabit Ethernet, Wan Zhao Ethernet and high-speed fibre channel network connection requirements. However, they have there are their application fields.

fiber tail fiber support the terminal connection application of spot welding. It should be installed in a protected and weld connections are needed, so that fiber tail fiber and optical fiber management usually equipment such as optical fiber distribution frame, connector box and fiber distribution box using the connection. The application of optical fiber tail fiber are visible, but the most common or cooperate with other optical components of composite applications. Waterproof fiber tail fiber, for example, with a thick polyethylene outer sheath and large diameter, commonly used in outdoor applications.

fiber optic jumper wire is usually used to connect optical fiber distribution frame port. Its main support level and equipment scattered area network applications, conform to the requirements of the wiring. Support the routine, flame retardant and low smoke zero halogen outer sheath material. In addition, fiber optic jumper wire also support high-speed communication, but also can be applied in many fields, such as the integrated optics, laser detection and display, and material processing, etc.

Finding a reliable solution for the fiber optic cable fibre optic cable transmission speed not only supports operation of the entire system but also enhance the beauty of your workplace.
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