What kind of fiber optic cable fire prevention are rated?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-04

in the NEC ( The national electrical code) , optical fiber cable fire rating often divided into OFNP/OFCP, OFNR/OFCR, OFNG/OFCG, OFN/OFC.

OFNP/OFCP, flame retardant grade in NEC standard ( Supercharging level) , the highest level. Assumptions with fan blowing force the flame a bundle of flame retardant grade ( Supercharging level) The flame spread on the fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable will be within 5 m self extinguishing, and non-toxic non-corrosive gas generation.

OFNR/OFCR, NEC standards in the vertical level ( Main level) Second, level. Also use the fan blowing force the flame bundles of trunk fiber optic cable, although the flame spread will be within 5 m self extinguishing, however, it does not smoke or toxicity.

OFNG/OFCG OFN/OFC commercial level and general level, respectively, both under the standard of fiber optic cable used in the environment of low requirements for fire retardant.

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