Some Best Advantages of Single Mode Fiber

by:Fiber Hope     2020-04-10
When we are talking about fiber optic cable, you will find two different types that are used in transmitting information. The first type is multi-mode cable and the second one is single mode cable. Both of them are using light energy in traveling down the data, but they use either single or multiple glass fibers to transmit it. In this article, you will get enough information on single mode fiber along with some advantages delivered by this cable. A single mode fiber, or also known as SMF, is a kind of integral component of a fiber optic network. This cable allows the network system to transmit single file of light through single strand. Usually, SMF comes in a 9-microns diameter that supports Gigabit Ethernet data transfer in up to 10 kilometers in distance. You will find some different types of single mode fibers, such as cutoff shifted fiber, dispersion shifted fiber, low water peak fiber, non-zero dispersion shifted fiber, and some other else. The best advantage given by this certain cable is greater bandwidth capacity delivered by this cable. Therefore, many people prefer this certain cable than the multimode one to support their system. The main purpose in using fiber optic cable in network or communication system is to let the maximum bits of data to be transmitted from the sender to the receiver in less error. You will find that the narrow core of this fiber limits the dispersion of light, which is usually called multi-path effect. Therefore, the bandwidth capacity of the cable could be increased significantly. Another advantages given by this certain cable is its ability to be used for longer distances. Therefore, usually this certain cable is used to build up Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), and also campus networks. Besides, they also support transmission distance in up to 50 times bigger than a multi-mode fiber. An SMF is usually utilized for long distance data transmission. Then, the light rays will enter the core of this certain fiber in parallel, in contrast with the multi-mode one that lets the light rays to enter from all angles and directions. The single-entry mode offered by SMF also limits the dispersion of light, so it could eliminate the data waste as well as increase the speeds of the data transmission. Besides, cable in single mode type is also immune to any external noise, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Those are some advantages of SMF cable for your communication or network system. You can surely add this certain cable for your needs.
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