Single-mode fiber transmission distance how far is the longest? What's the difference between a single-mode and multimode fiber?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-06

single mode optical fiber transmission distance:

a single-mode optical fiber cable on 40, 64 g Ethernet can be 2840 miles of channel transmission distance. Single-mode fiber is mainly by the fiber core and cladding and coating layer; Fiber core is made of highly transparent materials; Cladding refractive index is slightly less than the fiber core, resulting in an optical waveguide effect, make the most of the electromagnetic field is bound in the fiber core transmission; Role is to protect the fiber coating layer is not affected by water erosion and mechanical abrasion, and increase the flexibility of the fiber at the same time. Outside the coating layer, often with a plastic coat.

single-mode fiber and multimode optical fiber is different?

a, refractive index of different:

single mode fiber with step refractive index distribution. Multimode fiber can be used in a step refractive index distribution, also can use a gradient refractive index distribution; Silica fiber, therefore, generally also can use multimode step index fiber, multimode optical fiber and single mode step refractive index gradient refractive index fiber 3 kinds.

2, the different transfer mode:

single-mode fiber wavelength can only transmit a pattern for a given work, multimode fiber can transfer several patterns. The electromagnetic wave propagation in the fiber optic light belongs to medium circular waveguide, the light in the medium interface when the total reflection, the electromagnetic wave is limited in the medium, called guided wave or die. Given the guided wave and working wavelength, there are many meet the conditions of total reflection of the incident, called different modes of guided wave. With a multimode fiber transmission mode and single mode fiber.

three, transmission distance is different:

single mode optical fiber transmission distance and transmission bandwidth is obvious because of the multimode fiber. If the transmission distance is greater than 5 km, the application of broadband data signal so long single mode fiber; If the transmission distance is only a few kilometres that die is the best choice, because the LED emission/receiver laser is much cheaper than single mode required.

4, the wavelength of the optical fiber transmission of different:

single mode optical fiber core diameter is small, only on work at a given wavelength in single mode transmission, transmission bandwidth, transmission capacity is big. Multimode fiber is working in a given wavelength, can be in multiple mode transmission of the optical fiber at the same time. Compared with the single mode fiber, multimode optical fiber transmission performance is poorer.

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