Optical switch function and working principle

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-15

what is the fiber switch:

fiber Ethernet switch is a high-performance management layer fiber Ethernet access switches. The user can choose all-optical ports configuration or photoelectric hybrid configuration, access to fiber optic media optional single-mode fiber or multimode fiber. The switch can support network remote management and local management at the same time in order to realize to monitor the status of the port and switch Settings.

fiber ports particularly suited to information access distance beyond five line access distance, need resistance to electromagnetic interference and communication security and other occasions applicable areas include: FTTH broadband access network in residential district; Enterprise high speed optical fiber LAN; Highly reliable industrial distribution control system ( DCS) ; Optical fiber digital video surveillance network; High-speed optical fiber LAN hospital; The campus network.

fiber switch function and working principle:

no block storage - Forward exchange patterns, have 8. 8 GBPS exchange capacity, all ports can work at the same time, the full speed in a state of full duplex

support 6 k MAC address, have the MAC address automatically learning, update feature

support port aggregation, providing 7 group aggregation broadband one

support priority queue, service quality assurance

802. 1 d spanning tree protocol/rapid spanning tree protocol

802. 1 x based on port access authentication

support IEEE802. 3 x full duplex flow control/half duplex back pressure type flow control

support based on the tag VLAN/VLAN based on port/VLAN based on agreement, can provide 255 VLAN group, up to 4 k a VLAN

support network access control based on port

with functions of port isolation

with baotou obstruction ( HOL) Prevention mechanism, minimizing packet loss

support port and the MAC address binding, MAC address filtering

support port mirror

with functions of network monitoring SNIFF

with functions of port bandwidth control

support IGMP listens for multicast control

support broadcast storm control

network management:

remote centralized network management: support SNMP, Web based management, Telnet. Based on the specified port or 802. 1 q VLAN, in order to increase security.

local independent network management: through a standard RS - 232 interface implementation

Internet standards and protocols:

the IEEE:

802. 3, 802. 3u, 802. 3z, 802. 3 ab, 802年。 1 d, 802。 1 p, 802。 1q,802号文件。 1v, 802. 3ad, 802. 3x,802号文件。 1x


  RFC1157 SNMP, RFC 1112/2236 IGMP, RFC854 Telnet, RFC 1123/1493/1643 MIB

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