Optical fiber connector to connect steps

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-21

connection of optical fiber connector steps:

1, optical fiber quick connector is a highly innovative field termination connector, it contains plant with optical fiber, the pre cast ceramic core plug and a mechanical connection mechanism.

2, only when the termination will introduce fiber or indoor optical fiber can be inserted into the mechanical connection mechanism, without the other tools, as long as the termination process for 2 minutes, greatly saves installation time.

3, optical fiber inside the quick connector plug core and end face before they go out after the pre grinding and polishing, mechanical connection mechanism, at the end of the insert core, used to fixed inserted optical fiber.

4, mechanical connection mechanism is mainly composed of V groove and clamping component; When the optical fiber to be inserted, open the V groove with wedge clamp, convenient fiber inserted smoothly.

5, when optical fiber after inserted into a V groove and fixed, pulls out from the V groove wedge clamp.

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have three basic components.
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