OM5 fiber jumper wire technology standards

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-08

ISO and TIA standards organization respectively in 2017 launched the latest wiring standards ISO118013rd and TIA - 568. 0 - D, the new standard in addition to traditional OM1, OM2 multimode fiber optic cable, increased OM5 broadband multimode fiber. Attenuation of ISO will OM5 fiber optic jumper from the previous OM3, OM4 cable 3. 5 reduced to 3 db/km. 0 db/km, an additional 953 nm wavelength bandwidth requirements.

the ISO/IEC JTC1SC25 WG3 of ISO/IEC TR 11801 - the new project 9908 has released the first draft, WD aims to research on the multimode optical fiber transmission high-speed network application of wiring guidelines, the specification for 10/40/100/200/400 g duplex and parallel OM3 under the network application, OM4, OM5 multimode optical fiber transmission distance is studied.

OM5 fiber support more wavelength channels, so for the four wavelength SWDM4 or with double wavelength BiDi technology development direction. Similar to the BiDi for 40 g link, SWDM transceiver LC duplex connections, need only two core is SWDM work every optical fibers in four different between 850 nm to 940 nm wavelength, dedicated to one of the optical transmission signal, the other a single fiber is dedicated to to receive the signal.

OM5 fiber optic jumper wire support future 400 g Ethernet at the same time, for more high-speed 400 g Ethernet applications such as Base - 400 g SR4. 2 ( 4 for two wavelength optical fiber, each channel by 50 g PAM4) Or Base - 400 g SR4. 4 ( ( 4 for four wavelength optical fiber, each channel with 25 GNRZ) , you only need 8 core OM5 fiber, compared to the first generation of 400 g Ethernet Base - 400 g SR16( 16 for optical fiber, each channel transmission 25 GBPS) , the number was only about a quarter of the traditional Ethernet fiber, SR16 as milestone of multimode 400 g technology development, proved the possibility of a multimode technical support 400 g, 400 g a large number of applications on the market the more looking forward to future 400 multimode applications based on 8 core MPO.

fiber as the physical transmission medium for the data communication network equipment provides a certain support, OM5 fiber optic jumper promotion can't depart from the support of network equipment manufacturers.

use a small amount of high-speed optical fiber transmission network on the market at present there are two types of technology: BiDi and SWDM4. From the point of industrial chains, OM5 multimode optical fiber and BiDi and SWDM4 equipment manufacturers formed the industry alliance, but the maturity of the ecosystem is dependent on the 40/100 g quantities of shipments and OM5 fiber network equipment deployment. OM5 multimode optical fiber test with OM3, traditional OM4 multimode optical fiber test equipment and test steps are exactly the same, users no longer need to purchase another equipment to test.

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