Machine room monitoring device how to maintain?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-04

we all know that room is one of the important scenes, data acquisition, interactive and well control equipment maintenance is particularly important. So, how can we maintain the machine room monitoring equipment? This is worth our soul-searching, hurriedly follow under the small make up together to understand!

a, room dust removal and environment requirements

on a regular basis to dust removal equipment processing, cleaning, adjust the security camera resolution, preventing due to factors such as machine, electrostatic dust sucked into internal monitoring equipment. At the same time check the room ventilation, heat dissipation, net dust, power supply, air defence equipment such as electrostatic floor. Computer room indoor temperature should be controlled in 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled in 30% ~ 85%.

2, computer room air conditioning and fresh air to maintain

check whether the air conditioning runs normally, in ventilation equipment operation is normal. From the endoscopic observation of refrigerant page, look to whether the lack of refrigerant. Check the air conditioning compressor, low voltage protection switch, filter drier and other accessories,

three, UPS and battery maintenance

according to the actual situation of the battery capacity test, and check the sex for battery charge and discharge maintenance and adjust the charging current, ensure the normal work of the battery pack, inspection records, harmonic content of output waveform, zero voltage and ascertain whether the parameters properly configured, UPS function test on a regular basis, such as UPS with the mains switch test.

4, fire fighting equipment maintenance

check the fire detector, manual alarm button alarm, fire alarm device appearance and experiment, reiew of the fire alarm controller, sound and reset function and function of main/standby power.

5, circuit and lighting circuit maintenance

ballast, timely replacement of the tubes, switch replacement, thrum oxidation treatment, tag search replacement, power supply circuit insulation inspection, to prevent accidental short circuit.

6, basic computer maintenance

electrostatic floor cleaning cleaning, dust on the ground, gap adjustment, change damage, grounding resistance test, the main ground derusting, joint fastening; Lightning protection device examination, grounding line contact anti-oxidation reinforcement.

the above is how to maintain the entire contents of the machine room monitoring equipment, machine room monitoring equipment maintenance operations management system is an important part of the room. Of course, in order to maintenance good room equipment, there are many small details we need to pay attention to, what question can be consulting communication.

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