Crystal head sheathed simple introduction

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-25

crystal head sheath description

crystal head sheath is made of high quality soft plastic building, conforms to the RoHS standard, combined with crystal head is clever, beautiful and easy, protect the crystal head shrapnel reflex, prevent cable rubber, cable break. In addition, the crystal sheath barbed system is provided for the mouth, with crystal head perfectly, stronger is not easy to fall off.

the effect of crystal head sheath

due to the crystal head is made from plastic, easily oxidized, after repeated use of the shrapnel prone to fracture, and fracture of shrapnel crystal head may cause poor contact or even completely disconnected with equipment, affect the use. In order to solve the above problems, people begin to use crystal sheath to protect cable connection. Crystal sheath is RJ45 crystal head end head of rubber, mainly used to protect the crystal head, prevent oxidation, can waterproof and dustproof, avoid the phenomenon of poor contact, in the small network or computer room, if you use color crystal sheath, group of lines, classification, identification and maintenance more easily.

crystal head sheathed type

according to cable RJ45 crystal head case, our cable can be divided into no crystal sheath cable head and has crystal sheath cable head two kinds big.

according to different crystal sheath design style, the network can be subdivided into several types, these different crystal head type sheathed cables have distinguishing feature each, function and application are also different:

no crystal sheath cable head: this kind of Internet use is very convenient, the most easy to plug, but can not prevent crystal head shrapnel fracture, often used for applications without frequent plug crystal head.

diameter of fine claw crystal sheath cable head: this kind of cable wire diameter than standard cable decreased by 28%, the claw crystal sheath, plug is convenient, very suitable for application of high-density wiring.

the claw crystal head sheathed cable, the cable crystal head sheath around only a crystal at the end of the upper, beautiful and easy, used to frequent need to plug the application of crystal head.

molding crystal head, sheathed cable, the cable crystal head sheath without coating was carried out on the crystal head shrapnel, also suitable for use in applications without frequent plug crystal head.

total package type crystal sheath cable head: this kind of cable with a standard crystal sheath, implements comprehensive package for crystal head end of the shrapnel, has a strong protective effect, often used in the cable installed on the wall.

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