Aerial cable laying methods

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-26

aerial cable is hung on pole using optical fiber cable. This way of laying can take advantage of the existing aerial pole Ming road, save construction cost, shorten the construction period. Hang aerial cable is located in the pole, to adapt to the natural environment. Aerial cable vulnerable to natural disasters such as typhoon, ice, flooding, are also susceptible to outside influence and itself mechanical strength, so the overhead cable failure rate higher than that of directly buried pipeline and optical fiber cable. Generally used for long-distance level 2 or level 2 of the following lines, apply to private network cable lines or some local special location.

there are two kinds of aerial optical cable laying methods:

1. Catenary: first use messenger wire fastening on the pole, then cable suspension with a hook on the suspension wire, cable by messenger wire bearing load.

2。 Messenger: use a messenger structure of optical cable, optical cable show 'eight' word, the upper for the bearing lines, cable hosted by bearing the load line.

the installation requirements are as follows:

1, with aerial optical cable laying in the ground environment, use the hook hanging; Mountain or steep laying optical cable, the use of binding way laying optical cable. Cable connector straight stem position should choose easy to maintain and reserved cable is fixed with a reserved support on the pole.

2 cables, overhead road every 3 ~ 5 stop lever requirements u-shaped telescopic bend, about 1 km per set aside 15 m.

3 overhead (upward The wall) Cable protected with galvanized steel pipe, pipe with fireproofing mud plugging.

4, aerial cable at intervals of about 4 stop lever and across the road, across a river, across the bridge and other special areas should be suspended cable warning signs.

5, air suspension wire and electric junction should increase the trigeminal protection tube, each extension shall not be less than 1 m.

6, pole guy should collar for a horse near the road glow stick, length is 2 m.

7, in order to prevent the messenger wire induced current cuts, each pole guy requirements and messenger wire electrical connections, the guy who should install guyed ground, request messenger wire with ring directly succeeded, the terminal directly grounded.

8, aerial cable 3 m from ground, usually the one to wear when entering the building outside the building on the wall of the u-shaped steel case, and then extended upward or downward, fiber optic cable entrance aperture is commonly 5 cm.

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