Why multimode optical fiber transceiver must be used in pairs

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-16

optical transceiver as a product of the optical transceiver is usually used in pairs, but also can appear optical transceiver and fiber optic switches, optical transceiver SFP transceivers with matching use also is very normal, in principle, as long as the optical transmission wavelength is the same, signal encapsulation format is the same and is supported by some sort of agreement of optical fiber communication can be realized.

general double fiber ( Normal communication need two root fiber) Transceiver is regardless of the transmitting terminal and receiving end, only the single fiber transceiver ( Normal communication need a fine) Can be transmitter and receiver.

double fiber transceiver or single fiber transceiver to pair with different brand can be compatible with each other. But different rate ( Correlates with gigabit) , different wavelengths ( 1310 nm to 1300 nm) Are you can't communicate, in addition to this, even the same brand of single fiber transceiver with double fiber double fiber is composed of a pair can't each other.

double fiber transceivers have TX mouth ( Launch) With the RX ( Receive) , two are emission wavelength of 1310 nm, receive also is 1310 nm, so the wiring in parallel of the two optical fibers cross connection. Single fiber transceiver is only one mouth, is to achieve emission features and to implement a function, it USES the WDM technology, two beams of different wavelengths of light signals in a single fiber transmission so as to realize the sending and receiving. Generally they are using wavelength is 1310 nm and 1550 nm.

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