Which MPO/MTP company doing OBM?
In China, OBM is now growing rapidly. Many MPO/MTP manufacturers retail their own branded goods which are the whole products or component parts produced by a second firm. Fiber Hope Optical Communication Tech Co.,Ltd. is such a manufacturer. The OBMs will be liable for everything such as the production and development, supply chain, delivery and also the promotion. The partnership with the OBMs will help sustain the company development.

It is widely believed that Fiber Hope has become a well-known exporter on the market. Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable's ftth cable series contains multiple sub-products. The product is very resistant to rust. Because it is sufficiently reactive to protect itself from further attack by forming a passive corrosion product layer. The product is distinguished by the huge message capacity. adss cable aims to give you an excellent experience of power fiber cable without any trouble. The product is highly resistant to corrosion conditions.

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