What types cable? What is classification?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-14

cable according to its usage and performance of different can divide the following categories:

1. , depending on the transmission performance, distance and USES optical fiber cable can be divided into user cable, telephone cable, long-distance optical cable and submarine cable.

2。 According to the type of cable used in optical fiber, optical fiber cable and can be divided into single mode optical fiber cable and multimode optical fiber cable.

3。 According to the fiber in optical fiber core, and can be divided into single core cable, fiber optic cable twin-core fiber optic cable, etc.

4。 According to the different method of reinforcement configuration, the cable can be divided into the center of stiffening member optical cable, optical cable, the sheath dispersion strengthening component strengthening component cable and comprehensive outer sheath cable.

5。 According to the transmission conductor, the state of the medium is different, no cable can be divided into metal cable, ordinary fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable ( Mainly used in railway network communication lines) 。

6。 According to the laid in a different way, fiber optic cable can be divided into directly buried pipeline optical cable, optical cable, aerial cable, and underwater cable.

7。 According to the structure in different ways, fiber optic cable can be divided into flat structure, gysts fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable skeleton type optical fiber cable, armored cable and high density optical cable.

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