What kind of optical fiber connection mode can be divided into?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-18

fiber connection methods:

a, grinding

grinding is on-site grinding access ways, due to manual processing factory on the grinding quality can't compare with, can cause loss or connection to optical fiber network instability. In previous network applications, the low required due to network, optical fiber have enough surplus compensate for these shortcomings, while the present stage of high-speed network cannot ignore these factors. Link, loss than to make network design requirements, testing, not by things such as designer annoyed.

2, welding

in the integrated wiring system, optical fiber welding is widely used now, compared to weld grinding, connection quality is higher, but after the welding joint is often the failure or loss of hair is one of the factors, in most cases, welding can get smaller loss of connection, generally in 0. Below 2 db, but the return loss is not easy to control, at the same time in the process of optical fiber splicing, a lot of factors influencing the welding quality of the outside world, using the current domestic also USES few MTP multi-fiber ribbon fiber optic connectors, fiber ribbon welding machine are unavoidable in the welding process of individual fiber loss is too big.

3, cold

the cold of by using optical fiber cold or fiber fast connection in place of the connector. When two are in the optical fiber cold joint method. Optical fiber quick connection or terminal searcher is equivalent to make it end, or fiber and tail fiber head directly ( Remember, it is to point to optical fiber is similar to a tail fiber head wiring son directly connected, it is called quick connector) 。

fiber cold shut is as a connector, used for fiber butt fiber or fiber, optical fiber tail docking ( Fiber tail docking fiber refers to dock with the tail fiber in the fiber core optical fiber instead of the former said tail fiber head) For the cold thing called optical connection. Cold technology to operate simply and quickly, more than grinding, welding time. Because there is no spare parts for optical fiber make serious mechanical processing, the subsequent loss reduced. With the general direction of optical fiber to the home and FTTH broadband China needs, cold technology has also been seriously.

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