What is the single fiber transceiver? What is a double fiber transceiver?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-18

single fiber transceiver is refers to the single mode fiber, single fiber transceiver is used only one core, both ends meet this core, at the ends of the transceiver with different wavelengths of light, so it can light signal transmission in a single core.

double fiber transceiver is used the two core, send a receiving a root, one end is the other end of the hair must be inserted in the mouth, is to cross on both ends.

1, the single fiber transceiver

single fiber transceiver to achieve emission features and to implement receiving function, it USES the WDM technology, two beams of different wavelengths of light signals in a single fiber transmission so as to realize the sending and receiving.

so single-mode single fiber transceiver is it through a core optical fiber to transmit, then transmit and receive light is transmitted through a single fiber core at the same time. Situation, in order to realize the normal communication must use two wavelengths of light to distinguish.

so the single mode single fiber transceiver module light emission wavelength of light have 2, generally is 1310 nm / 1550 nm, so a pair of the interconnection of two end of the transceiver will exist difference:

end transceiver launch 1310 nm, receiving 1550 nm.

at the other end is launched 1550 nm, 1310 nm,

so easy to distinguish, general will use letters instead.

in A side ( 1310海里/ 1550海里) , B side ( 1550海里/ 1310海里) 。 With the

use must be used with AB pairing, AA and BB connection.

AB end only single fiber optical transceiver to use.

2, double fiber transceiver

double fiber transceivers have TX mouth ( Launch) With the RX ( Receive) , two are emission wavelength of 1310 nm, receive also is 1310 nm, so the wiring in parallel of the two optical fibers cross connection.

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