What is the difference between single-mode and multimode fiber optic jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-22

at the ends of the fiber optic jumper wire to send and receive the wavelength of light module must agree, that is to say the ends of the optical fiber must be the same wavelengths of light module, a simple way to distinguish is the color of light module. Optical fiber in use do not excessive bending and around the ring, this would increase the light attenuation in the transmission process. Jump line after use must use cases to guard the fiber optic connectors, dust and oil pollution can damage the optical fiber coupling. If the optical fiber connector is dirty, you can use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication. Jump line generally divided into single mode fiber and multimode optical fiber, then what is the difference between them? The following HaoKai jumper wire manufacturers will explain for you.

single-mode fiber: center glass core is very fine, only a model of optical fiber. Therefore, dispersion between the mould is very small, for remote communication, but there are material dispersion and waveguide dispersion, the single-mode fiber have higher request for the spectral width and stability of light source, the spectral width is narrow, the stability is better.

multimode optical fiber: core is coarser, can pass various patterns of light. But its mode dispersion is bigger, this limits the transmission of digital signal frequency, and with the increase of the distance will be more serious. Therefore, the multimode optical fiber transmission distance is near, usually only a few kilometers.

the difference between single mode fiber and multimode fiber is:

1. Single-mode fiber can only transfer is a single mode signal, and multimode optical fiber can transmit multimode signal. Single-mode fiber transmission distance of not less than 5 km, is generally used in remote communication; Multimode fiber can only be reached around 2 km, is suitable for the buildings or the short distance communication in the campus.

2。 Single-mode fiber jumper wire sheath generally is yellow, and multimode is usually orange or so-called aqua ( Is between blue and green color) ; The fiber core diameter, multimode usually slightly rough.

3。 Single-mode fiber is higher than the bandwidth of the multimode optical fiber, because led light source is more dispersed, can produce a variety of patterns of light, used in multimode optical fiber; And laser light source close to the single mode, usually used in single mode fiber.

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