What honors has Fiber Hope obtained?
The honors on Fiber Hope are largely national ones. Foreign customers also recognize it. The certifications are proof regarding the performance. We'll try for its recognition at the world level.

As an innovative company, Fiber Hope consistently supplies clients with the finest mpo cable. Fiber Hope Optical Communication Tech Co.,Ltd.'s ftth cable series contains multiple sub-products. The machining process of Fiber Hope mpo patchcord includes the following stages: laser cutting, heavy processing, metal welding, metal drawing, fine welding, roll forming, rending, and so forth. Excellent pliability is one of the prominent points of this product. composite fiber optic cable has been leading the fashion trend not only because of its high quality. The product is not susceptible to have electrical erosion problem.

With firm idea of mpo patchcord, Fiber Hope has achieved fruitful results by continuous innovation breakthroughs for mpo cable. Inquiry!
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