What are the main product type, fiber optic adapter?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-17

according to the different optical fiber connector, fiber optic adapter can provide corresponding to the transfer of optical fiber connector parts.

the suitable optical fiber connector model with FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000, etc.

applicable optical fiber connector end face with PC, UPC, APC, etc.

SC on behalf of the Standard Connector.

ST on behalf of the Straight Tip.

FC on behalf of the Fiber Connector.

'/' the front section shows the suitable optical fiber connector model.

'SC' connector is standard type connector, adopt the engineering plastics, has a high temperature resistant, not easy to oxidation. Transmission equipment side light interface generally with SC connectors.

'LC' joint with SC connectors shape similar to that of the SC connectors.

metal joint, 'FC' connector is generally adopted in ODF side, metal joint is much larger than the number of pluggable plastic.

the variety of connector type is more, in addition to the mentioned above three, MTRJ, ST, MU, etc.

/ 'shows that optical fiber connector section behind the process, the grinding method.

'PC' in the telecom operators of the most widely used in equipment, the joint section is flat.

'UPC' attenuation is smaller than the 'PC', commonly used in devices with special needs, some foreign manufacturers ODF frame internal jump fiber is FC/UPC, mainly to improve the index of the ODF equipment itself.

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