Switch of 5 kinds of fault

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-02

introduce switches 5 kinds of failure of fault analysis and fault elimination method.

a, the physical failure

in a broad sense, the fault is mainly refers to the physical switches itself and the connected hardware failure of physical line switch failure.

1, a hardware failure

equipment hardware failures include: equipment interface or hardware damage, the Boot ROM VRP software version is not correct or does not support optical module interface type is not correct, PC card fault or configuration is not correct. Usually one or some interface switch, other interface will gradually broken.

2, physical line fault

physical lines connected to the switch failure include: physical damage to the network cable or fiber-optic itself, not the correct cable type ( MDI / MDI- Since the dynamic measurement except) X Incorrect optical fiber transmission and receiving and transmission equipment ( Such as photoelectric converter and protocol converter) 。 Failure or malfunction, the interface cable support * transmission length, * rate is beyond the scope to use. And the work rate, working mode, the frame format negotiation and equipment matching can also lead to the physical interface between the failure occurs.

for the above problems, we can find some problems, for example:

1, the initial sentence with device interface state. If the light is put out, the said no data is sent or received. If the lights flashing, said it was sending or receiving data.

2, through the port display command to view the output of judgment. 如ethernet0/1显示界面。

3, replacement method is used to determine. Including line, cable and optical fiber, plate, slot, machines, exchange line, such as transceivers.

4。 On the switch configuration interface loopback. Set port to the loopback test: loopback { 外部|内部} 。

2, ports, negotiation, and since the ring fault

port interface parameters of the problem is due to different manufacturers to negotiate different or the same manufacturer's different devices with different hardware chip negotiation ability is not strong and cause lead to equipment work rate and working pattern does not match the parameters, such as problems or inconsistencies in port equipment configuration on both ends of the default parameter automatic negotiation is not through, port works well, can't normal communication, the need to manually adjust the parameters and set up the guarantee both sides of the port.

you can use the display loopback - Detection command to check whether the switch output ring back. Most switches support loopback detection. Can be enabled on the switch loopback detection. Most switches support Loopback - now Detection function.

3, Vlan troubleshooting

Vlan technology is mainly used for the isolation network storm, enhance network security; Different users to send data frames, etc. , because the port is divided into a Vlan ACCESS port, TRUNK ports and HYBRID. For Vlan failure, mainly due to the improper configuration, involve the spanning tree, VTP, such as port type and allow using Vlan, etc.

4 compatibility, the equipment failure

the current network equipment connected phenomenon is very common, equipment compatibility problems are inevitable. Equipment fault compatibility can be roughly divided into:

1, using a different protocol for the same function of the machine, to communicate with each other in the negotiations. For this kind of failure, use the unified international standard ( IETF standards organization) You can.

2. Use the same protocol specification but use different methods to implement equipment, communicate with each other in the negotiations. This fault can be confirmed first protocol implementation has the standard interface, then accurate configuration protocol interface parameters in order to ensure the success of the negotiation.

3, using the same protocol specification also use the same method, but using a different default parameters of equipment, to communicate with each other. In this case, the only interface configuration protocol parameters, to ensure that the negotiations succeed.

5, other troubleshooting

network failure is complex and variable, in addition to the problems of fault, there are other failures, such as network virus, network topological defects, the fault is not * rules can be found, only a test of their experience and use web tools to solve.

the switch failure analysis and troubleshooting methods will help us to sort out and solve the fault in the network. In addition to the relevant theoretical knowledge of network fault diagnosis and solution, also need to accumulate experience, and help us to find out the source of the problem as soon as possible.

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