ST fiber optic jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-17

ST fiber optic jumper definition:

ST fiber optic jumper is adopted the ST connector at the end of the fiber optic jumper, by AT& T company developed, is an older fiber optic jumper wire products, its core is exposed, shell assumes the circular, adopts the turnbuckle fastening method, need to insert, rotating and a half weeks again, finally mount should be fixed.

ST characteristics and advantages of optical fiber jumpers:

1. ST connector at the end with nickel plated metal shell, can be quickly plug cable, the operation is simple;

2。 ST connector on the ceramic at the end of the pin, can achieve 500 times matching circulating operation, strong repeatability;

3。 ST fiber optic jumper wire low insertion loss, back to dial the loss;

4。 ST fiber optic jumper wire tensile performance is strong, good temperature stability.

ST fiber optic jumper wire application:

1. Optical fiber distribution frame;

2。 Communication equipment room;

3。 Optical fiber connection transmission equipment;

4。 Computer optical network;

5。 Local area network ( LAN) ;

6。 Optical fiber communication system;

7。 Optical fiber sensor;

8。 Optical fiber CATV.

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