Some Career Possibilities in Fiber Optic Cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-04-11
Fiber optics has become the fastest way for transferring data even over a far distance. There are a lot of applications which use this fiber optic technology, such as broadband internet which brings high definition television service. With this fastest growing technology, there are a lot of career opportunities for you including electronics and telecommunications. Installer It is known as the people who provide service for installing new cable. You have to be able to put new connections for radio companies and communications which needs to upgrade networks to meet the satisfaction of their customers. Commonly, they work with construction companies, contractors, utilities, or telecommunication companies. Repairer Repairer is similar to the installer. The deference is that he deals with destroyed or damaged cable lines. If you are interested in being a repairer, you should be able to determine the number of damage control and maintenance work which needs doing. Then, you have to repair or replace that damaged line. However, the work of installer and repairer is risky. You have to work in high places such as utility poles and communication towers. You can also work in very confined spaces such as crawling spaces and trenches. In addition, you also have to be ready for working under the extreme weather conditions or around high voltages. Becoming an installer or repairer does not need a high level of education, high school diploma and equivalent training is adequate. If you want to be more competent, you have to understand about trigonometry and algebra. However, you have to go to college or vocational training. Telecommunications Another career opportunity for you is working in telecommunication industry such as providers of telephone, internet services, and television. However, you have gain more knowledge and experience on fiber optic cable. The working conditions for telecommunication employees may be varied. It depends on the job location such as a busy office and a call center. You can also possibly work outdoor. The wage for this career also depends on the level of education, the responsibility you handle and the experience.
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