Skin line cable construction method

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-24

FTTX engineering of large-scale use skin line cable, mainly adopts the two connection ways: a predominantly cold subgroups cable cold technology ( The physical connection) , a is welding machine tool of the hot melt technology.

cold technology

cold technology: fiber cold subgroups is used when two tail fiber docking, it is a major part of the internal a precision of v groove, after two tail fiber dial fiber using cold subgroups to achieve docking two tail fiber. Operation more simply and quickly, than with welding machine welding save time.

on the surface, cold joint operation simply and quickly, than hot melt welding machine saves time, but the cold technology is mainly used in optical fiber cable communication interrupt after emergency applications.

cold technology has obvious flaw:

( 1) Cold after big loss. Due to adopting physical connection, two optical fibers completely accomplished by V groove and matching liquid succeeded, such loss is more than hot melt connection point. In FTTX engineering, while for line loss main requirements are not strict, but big loss is a potential point of failure.

( 2) Short service life, high maintenance costs. The technology of cold shut, the role of matching liquid is very important. Operator customers of statistical data, the import of matching liquid, the life of the general will be in 3 years or so, and domestic matching liquid, only 1 life. 5 ~ 2 years. In this way, increase the cost of maintenance. And a cold subgroups costs generally in 30 to 50 yuan ( Removable reuse, but remove the reoccupy after precision greatly reduced, so the cold subgroups, nominal is repeatable, actual it is in the process of construction are used only once) High maintenance costs, the actual use.

hot melt technology

1, small loss of welding. USES the hot melt technology, two optical fibers in accordance with the main standards for welding, greatly reduce the loss of the weld.

2, long service life and low maintenance costs. Due to the hot melt standards carried out in accordance with the main construction requirements, the life of the general fuse contact will is similar to the life of the ordinary optical fiber phase, there is no single point of life.

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