Six classes of network wiring cabling standards

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-21

with the advent of the era of all-optical networks, integrated wiring all has become the focus of hot words, a lot of wiring of new and high technology has been put into implementation, due to the huge demand and appropriate price, has formed certain influence in the market. Integrated wiring products, copper is still the mainstream, super five, six kind of twisted pair, the performance is more suitable for the demand of people, application scope is very broad. According to field data of elv cabling, five categories, super five line currently occupies the largest share of the market, but six types of wire and cable to keep rising, and five and six class data cable, which occupies the guangzhou cable wholesale most, even more than 80%, the entire wholesale network cable according to the trend of guangdong area, five line will temporarily to maintain market share, as well as six categories, the future will gradually spread to the general public market, in order to satisfy the demands of faster Internet transmission.

then, can be achieved six types of construction at the same time, in the construction and installation of cable, and six types of standard installation of network cable performance requirements, the following several factors proposed should pay attention to install.

1, pull: cable wiring construction, has certain limitation, cable force is generally about 9 kg. The tension in the cable to the ground breaking symmetry.

2, joints, cable connector line operation should not exceed 2 cm distance, time is too long can lead to larger near end crosstalk.

3, the protective layer: in the joints, need in the outer protective layer of the cable is pressed together and not outside of the joint. And cable subjected to external forces, the force will be in the metal parts of the main section of the cable and connectors.

4, multi-line: if you have spare cable between the two terminal should be according to the length of the need to cut off, and should not be rolled up and tied up.

5, line: because the diameter of the six cables more than general five line, in order to avoid cable winding ( Especially in the elbow) In pipeline design must pay attention to the diameter of the filling, generally 20 mm should be put 6 2 line of line pipe diameter.

above, these seemingly small problems, small details, however, the high performance of cable are these errors, these errors, six kinds of wire mesh effect installation details are more sensitive, according to the standard construction, attention to detail, to create a more efficient and integrated wiring system.

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