Security monitoring in the process of the project choose wireless bridge needs to pay attention to?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-02

wireless bridge is very common in the application of security monitoring, generally in the scenic spot monitoring, station square, port terminals, such as forest fire prevention need wireless monitoring situation can be often used. In more and more common wireless monitoring requirements and under the influence, how to choose the appropriate wireless bridge became a big problem to wireless monitoring user.

don't worry, as long as you are patient take time to read this article could master all skills.

1。 About the band

wireless bridge according to the spectrum can be divided into 2. 4 GHZ and 5. 8 GHZ Bridges. The two frequencies of the bridge have their own advantages and disadvantages. 2. 4 GHZ is the mainstream of the spectrum, compatibility and diffraction capability is strong, but poor anti-jamming capability; 5. 8 GHZ frequency band is relatively pure, anti-interference ability and the transmission distance is far, but the diffraction ability is poor.

so, if it is a field work, give preference to 5. Bridge 8 GHZ band, if it is indoors, give priority to 2. 4 GHZ Bridges.

2。 Construction of the transmission distance

had better undertake choosing according to the transmission distance, if the distance is relatively close, the complex terrain, can choose 2. 4 GHZ frequency band wireless bridge; If the distance is farther, relatively clean environment, you can choose 5. 8 GHZ frequency band wireless bridge.

3。 Transmission rate

wireless bridge transfer rate ranging from 150 MBPS to 900 MBPS, undertake choosing according to engineering requirements, such as hd radio transmission to choose wireless video monitoring rate higher wireless bridge.

4。 Power supply

wireless bridge sometimes involves some more complicated work environment, such as forests, ports, such as their inconvenient place, then you can choose to use wireless bridge support POE power supply.

5。 Antenna

antenna can be divided into several kinds of wireless bridge, such as omni-directional antenna and a directional antenna, the antenna gain and wireless transmission performance of the bridge. General long-distance transmission of user preference high-performance wireless Bridges to ensure the transmission.

6。 Stable performance

the stability of the wireless bridge is very important, because it involves the stability of the video data transmission process, if the wireless bridge caton, packet loss, so will affect the use of the monitor.

low voltage cable manufacturer wei kang remind: dear friends when doing the project, must be combined with the actual situation of the construction to choose the appropriate bridge, must not blindly, or it will affect the later period of the construction schedule.

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