Optical transceiver has the characteristic which in general

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-25

characteristics of fiber optic transceivers:

1. To provide low delay of data transmission.

2。 Completely transparent to the network protocol.

3。 Many dedicated ASIC chip was adopted to realize data line speed forward. Programmable ASIC will be a number of functions to focus on a single chip, it has a simple design, high reliability, less power consumption, the device can get a higher performance and lower cost.

4。 Equipment use 1 + 1 power supply design, more support super wide power supply voltage, to realize automatic power protection and switching.

5。 Support the super wide working temperature range.

6。 Support the complete transmission distance, 0 ~ 120 kilometers) Optical transceiver, that is, multiple E1 ( A trunk line data transfer standard, usually rate of 2. 048 MBPS, this standard for China and Europe adopt) Signals into optical signals and transmission equipment. Optical transceiver according to transmit E1 quantity, the price is different also. Usually the smallest optical transceiver can transmit 4 E1, the biggest optical transceiver can transmit 4032 E1.

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