Optical testing standards what is it?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-05

in order to meet the needs of today's high rate of network data center and the access network are a large number of laying optical fibre cable, followed was all kinds of fiber optic fault, a fiber failure will appear after caton, packet loss, and so on and so forth, even broken network, and loss of optical fiber as a product of daily inspection and maintenance is also essential. So do you know what are optical testing standards? How to make use of optical fiber detection tools for optical testing? This paper introduced on the optical fiber detection problem one by one, to help users better management and maintenance of optical fiber.

what is the standard optical testing?

the basic content of optical fiber detection with fiber connectivity detection, optical fiber attenuation detection, optical fiber pollution detection and fault location. Detecting the optical power loss of optical fiber attenuation, is an important index in optical testing, it has to do with the length of the fiber link, the conductivity, connectors, quantity and the number of joint have relations.

fiber attenuation testing mainly fiber attenuation for the standard link of cabling and network applications.

how to make use of optical fiber detection tools for optical testing?

in a detection tools are often used to test the fiber: red pen, optical power meter, fiber optic microscope and OTDR optical time domain reflectometer.

red pen

red pen fiber is also called fault test pen, is mainly used to test the connectivity of the fiber, can detect within 10 km optical fiber fracture and bending failure, at the same time, it can be carried out calibration of optical attenuator, light source, light and flashing persistence two modes, constant light mode can be stable optical fiber connecting condition, flashing mode can quickly check fiber optic breakpoint location.

fiber testing - Red pen

how to use the red pen detection optical fiber?

1, the end of the pen from the pen spinning off right after the load cell;

2, connect the tail into the battery pen and pencil body after open the dust cap, according to the control switch time, observe the interface has a red light, luminous tube on at the same time;

3, according to the control switch again, observe the light into a pulse mode, the indicator light-emitting tube and out of sync pulse light;

4, again according to the control switch, light source closed, light output, at the same time indicator light pipe out;

5, when detecting insert tested optical fiber optical interface, according to the control switch at the same time, choose the output light work mode;

6, dustproof cap after you use it to build, if don't use for a long time, please take out the battery, so as to avoid rot battery leakage damage to the light source.

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