Optical fiber welding and test how?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-15

1, the fiber connection

( 1) The fiber connection. Fiber connection should follow the principle is: some are equal, with corresponding color fiber inside the tube, some are not at the same time, in order to pick up some big, pick up some small again.

( 2) Fiber connection methods are: welding, active connection, three types of mechanical connection. Most used welding method in engineering. The welding method of contact loss is small, reflection loss is big, high reliability.

( 3) Optical fiber in the process and steps of:

1) stripping cable, and cable fixed to the box. Be careful not to hurt tube, stripping length 1 m or so, the ointment with toilet paper to wipe clean, wear the cable into the connection box, fixed wire must be compact, not loose. Otherwise, may cause fiber roll broken fiber core.

(2) points fiber optical fiber through the heat shrinkable tube. Different tube, different colors of optical fiber, through the heat shrinkable tube. Strip coating layer of fiber is very fragile, use the heat shrinkable tube, can protect optical fusion joint.

3. Open the ancient river S176 welding electrical source, the preset welding of 42 kinds of programs, and in the use and remove the dust in the welding machine in time after use, especially the fixture, the dust within the lens and V groove and chopped fiber. Type optical fiber CATV use conventional single-mode fiber and dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber, working wavelength of 1310 nm and 1550 nm. So, according to the system using optical fiber before welding and working wavelength to select the suitable welding procedure. If no special circumstances, generally choose automatic welding process.

(4) production of fiber end face. Optical fiber end face of good or bad will directly affect the quality in place, so must be qualified before welding face. With dedicated wire stripping pliers strip coating layer, with a touch of alcohol clean cotton on the bare fiber is wiped a few times, the strength should be moderate, with precision optical fiber cutting knife cutting fiber, to 0. 25mm( Outer coating) Optical fiber, the cutting length is 8 mm - 16 mm, about 0. 9mm( Outer coating) Optical fiber, cutting length can be only 16 mm. Good cutting fiber after careful placement within the V groove welding machine, close the wind cap, press the key welding machine. Can automatic welding, only 11 seconds.

6 out of optical fiber with a heating furnace, heat shrink tubing. Open the wind cap, remove the fiber from the welding machine, and then heat shrinkable tube on bare fiber center, in the heating furnace. Heater can use 20 mm miniature heat shrinkable casing and 40 mm and 60 mm general heat shrinkable casing, 20 mm heat shrinkable tube 40 seconds, 60 mm heat shrinkable tube is 85 seconds.

7) fiber fixed. Will good optical disc into the fiber holding plate, the plate of fiber, the plate of the radius of the circle, the greater the radian is larger, the smaller the whole loss. So be sure to keep a certain radius, the laser propagation in the fiber core, avoid unnecessary loss.

end seal and hung. Field in box must be sealed to prevent water.

2, optical test

fiber in erection, after the completion of the weld is the testing work, using instruments mainly OTDR test instrument or light source, optical power meter, using Canadian EXFO FTB - for the company Chinese color touch-screen OTDR test instrument of portable (100 b The dynamic range of 32/31, 37. 5/35,40/38,45/43db) Fiber, can test, the location of the breakpoint; In the whole process of the fiber optic link loss; Understand the loss distribution along the fiber length; Splicing loss of fiber connection point.

to test accurately, size and pulse width of OTDR test instrument to select appropriate, in accordance with the manufacturer refractive index n value index set is given. In judging fault point, don't know in advance if the cable length, can be in the first automatic OTDR, find out the fault point location, and then on advanced OTDR. Will choose a smaller size and pulse width, but should correspond to optical cable length, blind area coordinates, line, and until the pulse width as accurate, curve display appear noise after pulse is too small, of course, to the right. And agent added fiber disc, the purpose is to prevent the nearby have a blind spot is not easy to find. About judge breakpoint, if the breakpoint is not in the box, on a nearby in the box open, connected to OTDR test instrument, test failure point distance test point distance accurately, using m icon on the cable is easy to find the point of failure. Use meters standard malfunction, on gysts cable twisted rate remains a problem, that is the length of the cable and is not equal to the length of the fiber, optical fiber length is about 1 cable length. More than 005 times, using the above methods could be successfully remove breakpoints and loss points higher.

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