Optical fiber quick connector structure and advantages

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-07

fiber fast even though machine species is numerous, but the basic structure is roughly same, mostly by the connector back cover, connector ontology and pin protection cap, as well as the protective coat of this a few parts.

with the connector body is generally made up of two tubes, pin and a coupling part is also the main functions of the optical fiber quick connector, so this part of the high requirement of machining accuracy. Surface of the pin and the butt end usually through polishing processing, coupling pipe generally made from materials such as ceramics, bronze, and equipped with a flange, so that the installation of the connector and fixed.

fiber quick connector installation steps and points for attention while the use of optical fiber quick connector is very easy, but also should follow the right steps to install, the installation steps are as follows:

1, quick to optical fiber connector, fiber optic wire stripping pliers, optical fiber cutting knife, fiber cleaning tools;

2, wearing tail cable connector cable sets;

3, with optical fiber wire stripping pliers to remove the outer sheath of the cable, optical fiber cleaning, using optical fiber cutting knife cutting bare fiber, according to the specific circumstances keep bare fiber length;

4, quick insert fiber optical fiber connector;

5, press cover, lock the fiber;

6, put the optical fiber quick connector on the end cap.


1, optical fiber connectors are highly susceptible to pollution quickly, should be far away from the dust and pollutants;

2, fiber cutting results have significant effects on the performance of the optical fiber quick connector, it is best to use automatic optical fiber cutting knife in order to obtain the best cutting effect;

3 quick connector, insert the optical fiber optical fiber, optical fiber should be slowly insert to prevent fiber damage, causing damage to the fiber optic transmission performance;

4, optical fiber refractive index quick connector is very important, directly affect the service life of the optical fiber quick connector, so please do not easily remove the dust cover.

fiber quick connector advantage quick connect machines in the factory for polishing, don't need to do a epoxy resin, polishing or pressure, and the loss of optical signals is extremely low, to provide users with fast, convenient and reliable way of terminal connection. Terminal process as long as 2 minutes, the installation process is simple, the installation time shortened, so that the artificial cost savings. Without help of other tools to complete the installation, can eliminate the extra cost caused by error.

fiber quick connector for the future development trend based on optical fiber quick connector is easy to install, simple connection, low loss of signal characteristics, fiber quick connector in the future will not only applied in enterprise integrated wiring and fiber to the home, and other fields, its application scope will become more and more widely. As is the 3 c application ( Computer, communication and consumer electronics) Growing, the miniaturization of electronic devices, as a result of them with the demand of the advanced function, convenience and connectivity products, the future in the automotive and transportation, data communication, computer and peripheral equipment, industrial and consumer electronics industry will have a chance to see the figure of it. At the same time it will also along with the increase of application requirements, continuously toward the direction of appearance of miniaturization and low cost.

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