Optical fiber integrated wiring system structure

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-03

fiber integrated wiring system using the open star topology, with six independent subsystem, from the main distribution frame to the layer between the wiring routing, can adapt to many area management requirements, more convenient maintenance and management, make the reconfiguration of more flexible.

1。 Workspace subsystem

the workspace subsystem is made up of information terminal equipment connected to the outlet of fiber optic jumper and information socket, it is primarily through socket connection completed a computer or other terminal connected to the terminals matching with various information.

2。 Horizontal subsystem

level subsystem is by wiring to the workspace level between cable, floor wiring devices ( Distribution frame) And fiber optic jumper, its main purpose is to the trunk line reaches to the user's workspace subsystem.

3。 Vertical main subsystems

vertical main subsystem is made up of connection between the main equipment and wiring between the cable between the floors, main is to realize the data terminal equipment far program-controlled switches, and the connection between the management subsystem.

4。 Equipment between subsystems

devices between outlet and inlet line of subsystem is an installation for network transformation, and system maintenance, is composed of cables, connectors and wiring equipment, its main purpose is to provide all kinds of information equipment information management and information transmission services.

5。 Between management subsystem

management subsystem is used to connect between the subsystems of vertical lines and horizontal, is by the cable, the HUB, the connector between the equipment and related support hardware, mainly is to put the public system of different equipment connected to each other.

6。 Complex subsystem

complex subsystem is a cable to connect to another building the structure of the communication equipment, mainly composed of cables and wiring devices.

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