Optical fiber failure should take some measures

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-24

it is well known that the optical fiber is an important channel connecting unit and main control board, and in the event of 'optical fiber failure', unit control board and the communication between main control board is disrupted. Fiber optical fiber is the nerve center of the inverter, in the event of failure, the inverter will be paralyzed, so as to cause serious economic losses to the production unit. So, in the light failure to timely treatment, seriously.


when a fiber fault, should undertake the following work:

1, check whether the power module power supply is normal, Normally, the L1 green lights shine) ;

2, check that the power module and controller of optical fiber connection head out;

3, optical fiber is broken, light-leaking;

4, optical fiber have been blinded by dust;

5, unit control board, fiber board is damaged, the fiber optic fault;

6, sometimes inverter in the quoted unit when power optical fiber communication failures, belongs to the normal phenomenon, direct reduction.

field experience

1, the unit control panel module power supply ( HAS5 - 5 - W) Output abnormal input terminal short circuit or other power supply module ( Frequency converter running on electricity, standby, a process is possible) 。

2, miniaturization of optical fiber failure; The cause of the problem: the unit control panel anti-interference performance was poor. Solution: drive online with copper.

3, discrete device caused by fiber faults;

discrete device, CPLD, crystals, optical fiber ( In other classes)

fault phases: equipment on electricity, you can quote us fiber failure

approach: field replacement unit control panel.

4, fiber corrosion;

module electrolytic capacitor cracking, but did not see equalizing resistance damage, sometimes fiber failure, sometimes drive failure, the main characteristics: the unit control panel fiber fuzzy.

5, optical fiber failure caused by other classes.

point of failure:

( 1) Small transformer burned;

( 2) Fuse is loose;

( 3) Rectifier bridge lighter;

( 4) Optical fiber inside shrink;

( 5) Electrolytic capacitor spray. Fiber


optical connector and optical fiber line connection part of the bending radius of not less than 30 mm, this is allowed by the little folding radius.

to avoid fiber optic line 80 n ( 8. 2kgf) Or larger pulling force. Even the moment beyond the scope of the tension, may cause permanent damage to optical fiber.

don't lay optical fiber line.

when fiber connection line, pay attention to the connection head should be perpendicular to the insert light connection socket, don't have a tilt Angle. Also, optical connector connection good, blue, gray part should be all in light socket.

during the installation process, should avoid may cause fiber wire twisting.

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