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by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-26

fiber quick connector is a highly innovative field termination connector, has small volume, fast termination, price cheap, high stability, etc, is the optical fiber to the home ( FTTH技术) Instead of part of the access network.

fiber quick connector profile fiber quick connector is a kind of passive optical components, mainly used for to between two optical fibers for the connection of two end face of fiber, fiber by emitting light energy output by the maximum coupling with receiving optical fiber, to realize the optical link through. Reusable, removable, has realized the flexible connection between different module, equipment and system, is currently the most widely used passive optical devices.

common type optical fiber optical fiber quick connector quick connector according to the different methods can be divided into different types, each type of connector has its own way, is the most common categorizing according to the structure, can be divided into types, FC, SC, LC, ST, etc.

SC connector: SC fiber optic connector is inserted ceramic core available quickly after the first batch of one of the connector on the market, also known as the 'square connector'. First used in one billion Ethernet, TIA - by telecom standard in 1991 568 - A standardized. Suitable for data communication and telecommunication applications, including passive optical networks.

LC connector: LC optical fiber connector is called SC fast modern alternatives, like SC connectors connectors for push-pull type connector, but the difference is LC connector USES the latch type design. Its small size and the combination of latch function, making it a high-density wiring the ideal choice for the data center.

FC connector: the first kind of FC fiber quick connector used ceramic core optical fiber connector, and plastic square enclosure of SC and LC is different, its shell with nickel plated or stainless steel, for the round screw type. Is the first choice for precision measurement equipment connector.

ST connector: ST fiber quick connector and FC similar appearance, but the bayonet device type is not like FC thread. Mainly deployed in multiple modules according to the communication system, the common deployment environment of campus, enterprise network and military applications. Widely used at the beginning of the century, in subsequent network upgrades is replaced by cost lower SC and LC.

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