Optical fiber connection method and the difference

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-18

fiber connection method and comparison: 1. Welding machine welding 2. Mechanical connection

1. Welding machine for welding

this method is mainly used for optical fiber joint connection, is currently used more in automatic welding machine for welding, welding machine points single core and multicore welding machine two kinds. Before formally succeeded, welding machine, the experiments of various parameters to determine the alignment precision of welding machine, discharge size, the quantity of various parameters, such as, to adapt it to the concrete in the specific working conditions of the fiber, the loss of control within a set of indicators. Succeeded completed, should be timely optical time-domain reflectometer to determine the loss, after the loss conform to the requirements of the indicators, before being reinforcing process, until the complete connection.

2。 Mechanical connection

now * connection characteristics of three kinds of common mechanical connector is as follows:

( 1) Xsl-fo connector type process. This kind of optical fiber connector is standard connection form of single core optical fiber. Most of the current product end face grinding to turn it into a ball, the convergence of the beams using optics refraction principle, reduce the loss of the connection. This kind of optical fiber connector multi-purpose on optical fiber distribution frame and test instrument, for transfer.

( 2) NTT multicore fiber optic connectors. This kind of optical fiber connector can be connected a 12 optical fibers, has a large capacity, simple manufacturing process, and in place of low loss, therefore, in less demanding users to connect optical fiber has been widely used. This method used in optical fiber short distance relay, relay and users, the effect is better.

( 3) Wire connector. With the development of technology, wiring son of average loss can be 0. Below 1 dB, 50% of the splicing loss can be 0. Below 5 dB, adaptability to environment temperature and humidity is relatively good. Due to this kind of connection method does not require expensive welding machine, and a single core and multicore specifications, convenient use and expects its prospect of application is more and more wide, make the connection of the fiber as convenient as cable. In the development of optical fiber communication technology is critical. Simplify the connection technology, improve the quality of connection, to expand fiber applications will play a positive role in promoting.

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